Model 2481

The sensor technology of PFAFF 2481 Plusline guarantees a remarkably quick and accurate production of the corner stitch. In tests under production conditions an increased efficiency in comparison with conventional high-speed sewing machines was realized: stitching collar and cuff 4/5 mm: approx. 40 %

Area of Application:

Controlled stitching of small parts in the manufacture of shirts, blouses, working clothes, leisureware and light coats, for collars, cuffs, flaps, epaulettes, sleeve clasps of different shapes, etc.


- Sewing designs can be programmed regardless of the size and shape in different stitch lengths
- The exact sewing of several parallel seams is possible
- Exact reproduction of the programmed standard values
- Simple operation - short training periods
- Edge margin can be programmed from 1-18 mm continuously
- Consistent, exact stitch length and high sewing accuracy
- Optional: Remaining bobbin thread recognition = shorter set-up times (no unravelling and re-sewing)


Stitch type 301
Max. sewing speed: max. 4500 Stitches/min
Stitch Length : max. 6 mm
Needle System : 134 KK
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