The 730 Punching/Stamping Machine

The machine model 730 is available in a few different setups:

Model 730 Hydraulic Punching Machine is designed mainly for leather goods, but can be used in other applications as well. It is specifically designed for cutting and punching belts, straps, etc. The machine has been equipped with a new technological system with a complete independent and rational hydraulic group, electronically controlled by a microprocessor and itŐs provided also with electronic pick counter. Working width is adjustable from 15mm to 80mm. Furthermore, you are able to obtain various shapes of cutting dies for belt tips and end of belts by simply replacing the socket punch.

Model 730/300 Stamping Machine has been designed to stamp using a hot work surface. This machine can be used for straps, wallets, small leather pieces, or synthetic materials, and more. It has the same technology of the original 730 machine, but adds a stamping time that is adjustable from 0 to 10 seconds. The temperature can reach 150 degrees Celsius, which is adjustable with a thermoregulator. The working plane is extractable with position controlled by an end material switch. The die holder size is 120 x 320 mm. The minimum thickness of the dies is 7mm and it is easy to replace.

Model 730/300 SN Stamping Machine with Ribbon Device is equipped with an automatic device, which drags the coloring ribbon roller (gold, silver, black, etc.) up to a maximum width of 140mm. It also has a pneumatic device that extracts the working table automatically.

Model 730 FSC Punching-Stamping Machine can do both punching and stamping. Basically, this machine combines the features of the 730/300 with that of the 730.


Head Only
Head and stand
Weight         X   Kg. Weight        175  Kg.
Height          X  Cm. Height         125  Cm.
Width           X  Cm. Width           90  Cm.
Depth           X  Cm. Depth           60  Cm.
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