Weldchampion 8304-020

Universal plastics sealing machine as hot-wedge and/or hot air model.

- The heat-sealing parameters (temperature, speed, pressure) can be set separately.
- The special silver alloy of the hot wedge guarantees low-noise, clean work without smoke development during the heat-sealing operation.
- Various seam types are possible with the corresponding guide attachments.
- Infinitely variable temperature adjustment.

- Low power consumption (with the hot wedge < 1KW).
- High productivity due to the continuous heat-sealing method.
- Short conversion times from hot wedge to hot air and vice versa.
- High seam quality (no shiny spots or similar).
- no stop-marks


Heat-sealing: with hot air up to 450íC
with hot wedge up to 600íC
Heat-sealing speed: 0 - 10 m/min (infinitely variable)
Material thickness: from 0,2 mm
Weight: approx. 110 kg
Dimensions: 1265 x 1450 x 600 mm
Seam width: 5 - 20 mm
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