Seamsonic 8310-003

The Seamsonic is in use in various industries. Formfitting underwear, outdoor clothing and equipment, protective clothing, filter production, technical foil or sunshades are only a few examples for the use of the seamsonic.

  • Anvil wheels are custom-made in various motives and widths. They can be changed in minutes. Weld your own logo!
  • The low-noise seamsonic is operated by touch screen
  • As the welding is caused by ultrasonic frequency there are no high temperatures
  • Welding speed, amplitude and pressure are infinitely variable

    The Seamsonic has a rotating circular sonotrode in the top arm and a rotating anvil wheel in the bottom arm. The material to be welded together is fed through the gap between sonotrode and anvil wheel while being applied with pressure. Puller wheels can be activated to assist the material feed if required.
    - Welding speed, amplitude, pressure and gap are infinitely variable.
    - Due to the unique construction of the anvil wheel housing it is possible to change over to another arm (free arm, post or feed off-the-arm) in no time, allowing all kinds of seams to be welded. The machine is also available as flat bed version. Anvil wheels, available in various motives and widths, can also be exchanged in minutes.

    - Most of thermoplastic sheets, laminates, non-wovens and textiles with a high proportion of polymer are weldable
    - Easy welding of small radii
    - High wear comfort with lingerie items due to smooth Seam
    - Smooth and even seams with standard or custom made anvil wheels
    - No HF/RF-emissions or fumes with most materials
    - No start/stop marks
    - Low energy consumption
    - No consumables like needle and thread
    - No consumables like needle and thread
    - depending on material and anvil wheel


  • Welding speed: 0.6 - 13.6 m/min., higher speeds possible
    Seam widths: 2 10 mm
    Throat: 400 mm
    Material thickness: Above 50
    Anvil wheel: dia. 65 mm, width and motive as per customer requirement
    Gap adjustment: 0 2 mm, fine adjustment, 1/50 mm by graduated hand wheel
    Welding Pressure: 0 800 N (5 bar)
    Puller wheels: activation separately left and right
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