The RP67TF3B

Thermofolding machines controlled by photocells

Thermocementing and Folding Machine for upper edges of shoes, leather goods and similar articles both in leather and plastics, electronically and automatically controlled by photocells: - for cement flow control - for variation of the feeding speed in the external curves - for knife operation in the internal curves. The machine in produced in 2 models: - RP67TF3 B equipped with a STOP motor that always stops the hammer in the open position after each work cycle. - RP67TF3 BN equipped with a normal clutch motor. - The control devices of this machine embody 3 important adjustments that increase its productivity and versatility.

1 - Selection, by means of simple controls, of the most suitable photocells for the automatic operation, in relation to the shape of the work piece.

2 - adjustment of the photocell operating time for the internal and external curves according to the feeding speed of the work piece. This function allows a more precise execution of the internal curve cutting and a better execution of the external curves.

3 - Adjustments, by means of simple control, of the distance between cuts in the internal curves, independent of the adjustments of the feeding speed.

In addition to the normal folding this machine can process other kind of folding by simply replacing some parts.

Technical Data

Adjustable speed by clutch motor (r.p.m.) 0 2400
Adjustable work feed: from to mm 0.5-6
Splash lubrication
Clutch motor (r.p.m.) HP 0,5 (kW 0,37) -1400
Absorbed power max. kW 0,7
Motor, circuits, electric and electronic elements with tropical insulation
Machine dimensions cm. 120x70x150
Net weight Kg. 137 (mod. BN)
Kg. 149 (mod. B)
Gross weight Kg. 167 (mod. BN)
Kg. 179 (mod. B)

Measures, characteristics and weight are not binding. We reserve the right of modification.

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