The RP80 A Thermofolding Machine

Automatic Insole Thermocementing and Binding Machine model RP80, electronically controlled, combines into one operation the different work applications such as cementing, binding and cutting of the tape. Machine RP80 allows to start and stop the binding of flat and very shaped insoles at any desired position and can also bind either the entire insole or a part of it. Machine RP80 binds insoles of different thickness.

The cement melted in one only pot is conveyed to two feet that provide to spread the glue on the upper and lower part of the insole. The quantity of cement can be independently adjusted both manually according to the width of the binding and automatically according to the feed speed. Binding from 14 to 25 mm width can be used in rolls or reels or in pieces previously cut with the device for the ejection of the exceeding binding after cutting.

It is possible to adjust the quantity of binding both on the upper and lower part of the insole. Cutting, feeding and positioning of the tape are made by means of an automatic guide with possibility of adjusting the positioning point. The feeding speed of the insole can be adjusted according to the shape of the work piece and in order to facilitate the execution of the curved parts.RP80A by pressing a button, can store the perimeter length of the insole to be bound in order to cut automatically the tape after the first work sample.

The cutting operation can be also made manually. By means of two push buttons the binding length can be reduced or increased before storing.

Technical Data

Adjustable speed by clutch motor (r.p.m.) 0 2100
Adjustable work feed: from to mm 1 - 6
Splash lubrication
STOP motor (r.p.m.) HP 0,5 (kW 0,37) -1400
Absorbed power max. kW 0,95
Motor, circuits, electric and electronic elements with tropical insulation
Machine dimensions cm 120x70x150
Net weight Kg. 151
Gross weight Kg 181
Measures, characteristics and weight are not binding. We reserve the right of modification.


Weight        148-151  Kg.
Height         110  Cm.
Width          130 Cm.
Depth          67  Cm.
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