The RP67TE Thermofolding Machine

RP67TE Thermofolding machines Thermocementing and Folding Machine to fold leather and similar goods used in the footwear, leather goods industry, etc. The more advanced technology used in the project and manufacture of the mechanical and electronic parts, makes a product of sure confidence, of extreme handling, with a high visibility when operating and (unique) with the heat sources placed in such a way not to trouble the operator. The Folding Machine is suitable to do foldings from 3 to 7 mm. and has a device to apply at the same time a reinforcing tape in nylon (or other material) while folding. The self grinding cutting knife for cuts on internal curves is of swift intervention. By a rapid and easy replacement or addition of special parts and attachments many other types of folding can be made.

The glue to be used is a thermocement in flakes melted and filtered in a suitable cement pot with automatic and electronic adjustment of the temperature, which by means of a simple (and therefore of easy maintenance) equipment, is distributed in adjustable quantity according to the transport (automatically) and to the width of the folding (manually).

Technical Data
Adjustable speed by clutch motor (r.p.m.)0 2400
Adjustable work feed from - to mm 0.5-6
Splash lubrication
Clutch motor (r.p.m.) HP 0,5 (kW 0,37) -1400
Absorbed power max. kW 0.7
Motor, circuits, electric and electronic elements with tropical insulation
Packing sizes cm 120x70x150
Net weight Kg. 137
Gross weight Kg 167

Measures, characteristics and weight are not binding. We reserve the right of modification.


Weight        137  Kg.
Height         110  Cm.
Width          127  Cm.
Depth          55  Cm.
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